“Once a Flake, Always a Flake” Arizona Democrats on Jeff Flake’s commitment to Ted Cruz over Arizonans

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez:

“Once a Flake, always a Flake.

“Jeff Flake must be really afraid of Donald Trump’s $1o million campaign threat, or else why would he side with obstructionist Ted Cruz over the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans on the verge of losing their health coverage.

“By coming out in support of the Cruz/Lee Amendment, Jeff Flake is supporting ending protections for pre-existing conditions, and pulling out the rug from under the hard-working people of Arizona.

“Even after the thousands of calls, letters, and emails from his own constituents, Senator Flake has decided his political livelihood is worth more than the actual livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Arizonans, and that’s a shame. The people of Arizona deserve better, and come 2018, they’ll get better.”