The Anti-Education Governor’s budget leaves kids unsafe, and without needed resources

In case you missed it, the Arizona Daily Star published a story on the Anti-Education Governor Doug Ducey’s budget’s impact on Tucson school districts. For most school districts across the state, the newly released budget fails to restore recession-era cuts, let alone Ducey-era K-12 cuts. [Arizona Daily Star, February 3, 2018]


  • Ducey cuts, Legislature partially restores, Ducey takes credit - “The governor has repeatedly cut funding, then taken credit for partially restoring it — as he did when he slashed JTED funding by $30 million in 2015 and proposed restoring $10 million over three years starting in 2016 (lawmakers went higher and restored $28 million in 2016).”
  • Ducey’s cuts to District and Charter Additional Assistance leaves kids unsafe - “This year, the formula entitled TUSD to nearly $22 million in District and Charter Additional Assistance. But due to the cuts, the district only received a little more than $3 million…‘It’s not safe to have children riding on buses that don’t have AC. It’s not safe to put a bus out on the road that has 300,000 miles on it to begin with. It’s not safe to have kids in portable (classrooms) where we have HVAC systems that are failing. It’s not safe to not have adequate fencing to keep out potential intruders. It’s not safe in the era of so many school shootings to not have airtight keyless entry systems,’ he said.”
  • School districts maintenance projects keep piling up - “With capital funding, you can do a one-year freeze, maybe a two-year freeze. But the cumulative effect is piling up. We just have so many projects in line,” he said... That includes replacing books, computers, desks, chairs, buses and air conditioning systems. Over the last decade, the district hasn’t had the money to bring playground equipment up to code and has often been forced to remove the equipment instead.”