Arizona Democratic Party Native American Caucus Statement on Native American Heritage Month

"November marks the recognition of Native American Heritage month. This month we honor cultures, traditions, and contributions made by Native people. We must acknowledge the painful history ofNative people in Arizona, and the United States, but, we must reaffirm our commitment to the betterment of Indian Country, and Native people.

"Arizona is home to 22 recognized tribes. Native people in Arizona did not have a right to vote until 1948. Indian Country has been intentionally left out of important discussions that impact our communities.  It’s critical to include our Native people in the decision-making process.

"While Indian Country has made advances, they have been limited. Tribes face unique challenges that go beyond state, and international borders. Education, poverty, and violence are issues, among many, that prohibit the advancement of Native people to sustain the status quo.

"The Native American Caucus works to educate, advocate, and fight to protect tribal sovereignty. We challenge our elected, and appointed leaders to rise to the challenge in supporting our tribes, and communities."