Arizona Democrats adopt “The People’s Platform” and call for removal of Confederate monuments

Last Saturday, the state committee of the Arizona Democratic Party adopted five resolutions, including one in support of “The People’s Platform” and another supporting the removal of Confederate monuments in Arizona.

“The People’s Platform” has been championed by progressive Democrats fighting to give the working and middle class an opportunity to succeed, who believe bold action must be taken in the fight for greater access to health care, a free college education, and raising the minimum wage. The resolution encourages Democrats to support the following federal bills: HR 676, Medicare for All Act; HR 1880, College for All Act of 2017; HR 15, Raise the Wage Act; HR 771, Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance; HR 2840, Automatic Voter Registration Act; HR 3227, Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2017;  and HR 1144, Inclusive Prosperity Act.

The state committee also voted to support the removal of the state’s Confederate monuments, saying that it is possible to remember the crimes of slavery and stain of white supremacy in this country without glorifying monuments of hate and bigotry.  The resolution supports standing with State Representative Reginald Bolding, local chapters of the NAACP, and Black Lives Matter in requesting that Governor Ducey direct the monuments removal and replacement with memorials to the soldiers who fought to preserve the union and end slavery.

In addition to these resolutions, the state committee echoed their support of women’s reproductive rights, ending the gender pay gap, and instituting cultural competency in the party’s policy and business practices.

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