Arizona Democrats celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

“As our nation embarks on the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, the Arizona Democratic Party would like to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of Latino communities across our state. From farm workers to business owners; from teachers to public servants; from natives to DREAMers - each and every member of the Latino community has contributed to the fabric of this country and must never go unnoticed,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron.

“This is especially true this year. Living under a new regime, our Latino community has had more to denounce than to actually celebrate. Our immigrant brothers and sisters have been vilified and consistently attacked all because some have forgotten or ignored the contributions of this community during these last nine months. But we can’t allow this to continue.”

“The Arizona Democratic Party - our candidates, elected officials, and supporters - will continue to fight on behalf of our Latino communities, native or immigrant, and make sure everyone has the opportunity to reach their God-given potential in the land of the free.”