Arizona Democrats on John McCain’s Opposition to Graham-Cassidy

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron:

“Once again, credit where credit’s due - John McCain has done right by people of Arizona. His decision to oppose Graham-Cassidy is a demonstration of his character, and his concern for the livelihood of Arizonans.

“Let’s be clear, Graham-Cassidy lays out a disastrous future for Arizona. From hundreds of thousands of Arizonans without health coverage, the extinction of pre-existing conditions protections, to Arizonans paying higher premiums. On top of that, Arizona stands to lose billions of dollars in federal funding within the next decade if implemented. So it's a shame Governor Doug Ducey and Senator Jeff Flake are leading the charge to hang Arizonans out to dry to score political points ahead of an election year. Arizona deserves better.

“As we commend Senator John McCain for his decision and leadership, we acknowledge and thank the tireless work of our activists. It was their phone calls, letters, emails, and office visits that made the difference. Although the fight is far from over, we’re proud of the response from everyday Arizonans in opposition to the cruel GOP repeal options, and will continue to count on them as we protect the Affordable Care Act.