Arizona Republicans: Joe Arpaio is Arizona’s Donald Trump

PHOENIX – According to Arizona Republicans, Joe Arpaio is Arizona’s very own version of President Donald Trump and carries a history of harming Arizonans. Arpaio also has a history of supporting the president, which could prove to be a spoiler in the AZGOP civil war. Arpaio is expected to campaign today at the Saddlebrook Republican Club meeting in Tucson. 

Joe Arpaio was one of the first people to endorse the president during Trump’s 2016 campaign. Further, the president even provided a controversial pardon for Arpaio after he was convicted of criminal contempt for targeting the Hispanic community in Arizona. This is in stark contrast to Congresswoman McSally who told Arizonans it’s “not their business” to know who she voted for in the 2016 election.

But Arizonans know Joe Arpaio has been around way before the president even ran for public office. Between racially targeting Latino Arizonans and calling a Tent City his “concentration camp,” Arpaio’s controversial and out-of-touch history could have set up the blueprint for the president’s 2016 election campaign.  

Joe Arpaio and President Trump prove the theory right – birds of a feather really do flock together.


Arizona Republicans on Joe Arpaio

“’Sheriff Joe was Trump before Trump. The President stole his schtick from Arpaio,’ Marson said. ‘Joe has a way of commanding media attention — for better or worse — like no other politician in Arizona can…’” [Phoenix Business Journal, 1.9.18]

“’I think he is a threat all the way because he’s Trump round 2,’ longtime Republican strategist Stan Barnes told me. […] ‘He has 100 percent name ID and has more money than God and is bear hugging Donald Trump in the public square in the most high profile of ways.  You put all that together and it’s a formidable thing.’” [Arizona Republic, 1.9.18]

Arpaio Always Supported Trump

 “I would welcome his endorsement just like he did the pardon…I’ve been with him since July of 2015. I don’t just flip now to get some votes to use and the president. So I’ve been with him on Day One, and I’ll be with him forever.” [YouTube, 2.1.18]

The Arpaio-Trump Relationship

"Arpaio likes to brag that the two men share a birthday, and he credits Trump with calling his wife during the campaign while she battled cancer. They like the same music, too. “I was on the president’s plane and I told him my favorite song was ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra,” he said. ‘And at the inauguration, his dance with the first lady was ‘My Way.’ It’s a connection.’

The feeling is mutual, the source familiar with Trump's thinking told me. ‘Trump has followed him for years,’ the source said. ‘Like Lou Dobbs on economics, he’s got a special place in his heart for Sheriff Joe’” The source went on: ‘Trump’s default position is to send the illegal immigrants home, so Sheriff Joe speaks to him.’” [...] [Politico, 2.2.18]

HEADLINE: “President Donald Trump pardons former Sheriff Joe Arpaio” [Arizona Republic, 8.25.17]

HEADLINE: “Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses Trump” [Washington Post, 1.26.16]