Arizonans Asked This Weekend: “Who is the real Martha McSally?”

Arizona Republic: “It's obvious she’s doing what many politicians do when facing a brutal election – saying things they don't necessarily mean.” […] “I’m not impressed with the new McSally…” 

PHOENIX – The AZGOP civil war between Kelli Ward, Congresswoman Martha McSally, and Joe Arpaio has forced all three to do anything possible to gain the president’s support. But Arizonans aren’t buying into these stunts, particularly from Congresswoman McSally. Some even said they think McSally’s inauthenticity should make Arizonans “McSkeptical” of her.

Congresswoman McSally has time and again (unsuccessfully) tried to shed herself from the Washington GOP establishment since rumors of her senate campaign surfaced last November. From refusing to say if she voted for President Trump to even attacking her own Washington establishment colleagues – Congresswoman McSally has shown Arizonans that anything she does from now until Election Day should be taken with a grain of salt.

Congresswoman McSally has transformed herself into the double-speaking politician Arizonans hate most about Washington.

Arizona Republic: “Reasons to be McSkeptical of Martha McSally”

“The person who ran for the House is not the person running for the Senate…”

“What we don’t know is if she wants to be Martha McSally. Because that person – whoever it is – keeps changing.

She paints herself as the straight-talking, hard-charging former fighter pilot, but she was McSilent for the longest time when it came to giving a straight answer on running for the Senate.” […]

“She criticized Donald Trump during the campaign…” […]

“Now, in an oddly McShifty way, she compares herself to him…” […]

“She needs the primary votes of hardcore Trump supporters who might otherwise side with Republican primary opponents Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio, so she’s suddenly gotten McSkittish about criticizing the president.” […]

“Of course, it wasn’t about language. McSalty pretended she is incapable of distinguishing profanity from prejudice, just as she had nothing to say about the creepy Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. All to keep from offending any of those Trump voters.” […]

“Most recently, McSally expressed McSpecious support for the release of the so-called ‘Nunes memo,’ which the head of the FBI called reckless, inaccurate and dangerous, and which puts (what should be) the apolitical nature of the Department of Justice at risk.

This must be a little confusing for Republicans who support Trump, and for those who don't. During the campaign McSally was positively McSlippery when it came to Trump, refusing to endorse Trump's presidential campaign and now getting testy and refusing to answer when asked if she voted for him.” […]

“…this political changeling who wants to be a U.S. Senator, they have no clue who she is.

That makes me McSkeptical.”

Arizona Republic“In just a few weeks, the anti-Trump Martha McSally has transformed herself into a profanity-laden, tough-as-nails, build-the-wall kind of gal kissing up to the president.

It’s hard to recognize the new McSally as the same southern Arizona congresswoman who refused to endorse Trump for president and criticized his administration's performance as ‘tremendously bumpy.’” […]

Is McSally’s change real or a mere political ploy to edge out Arpaio and Ward in the Aug. 28 Republican primary to advance against Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in the general election?” […]

“It's obvious she’s doing what many politicians do when facing a brutal election – saying things they don't necessarily mean.” […]

“I’m not impressed with the new McSally…”