Arizonans to Jeff Flake: You’re bad at your job!

While Jeff Flake continues his east coast “Please, Call Me A Maverick Too!” book/press tour, Arizonans are sending a clear and defining message to the junior Senator: we're not happy with your performance.

According to a Public Policy Poll conducted between July 31st and August 1st, only 18% of Arizonans think Flake is doing a good job as a U.S. Senator. Only 18 percent! A whopping 62 percent of Arizonans disapprove of Flake’s job performance. Only 31 percent of Arizonans would vote to re-elect Jeff Flake, while 47 percent of Arizonans would vote for a generic Democratic candidate over Flake -- a 16-point spread!

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez:

“Jeff Flake has a problem book tours won't solve. While admitting that his party has an 'unquenchable appetite for destruction,' and that he's 'relied on others to do the dirty work for me,' he's now seeing that actually voting to pull the rug from under Arizonans has major political consequences.

“Jeff Flake's vote to take away healthcare from hundreds of thousands of Arizonans and increase premiums does not jive with what Arizonans want. His siding with unhinged Ted Cruz to end protections for pre-existing conditions was a losing bet.  And his new found political cojones are just words on paper, doing nothing but highlighting the "Con" in its title.    

“Word to wise Jeff Flake, Arizonans aren't buying it."