Arpaio & Ward: “Yes” on Trump, Congresswoman McSally: “Not Your Business”

PHOENIX – The race about who’s been the most loyal to President Trump in the AZGOP civil war has hit a new level: votes in the 2016 Election. Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio have both proudly stated their votes for Donald Trump in the 2016 Election. But Congresswoman McSally? In her own words, that’s “not the business” of Arizona voters.

Kelli Ward“I just wanted to let you know, I voted for Trump. I voted for Trump, and I also campaigned for Trump. And I worked very hard for Mr. Trump. Mojave County went very strong for Donald J. Trump. I can’t say the same for Martha’s district. She let Hillary win this district by five points.”

Joe Arpaio: “I would welcome his endorsement just like he did the pardon…I’ve been with him since July of 2015. I don’t just flip now to get some votes to use and the president. So I’ve been with him on Day One, and I’ll be with him forever.”

Congresswoman Martha McSallyMcSally still won't say whether she voted for Trump. ‘Not your business,’ she snapped in an interview after belting out ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ onstage at a Republican banquet Friday in Phoenix.”

This latest race to outflank one another appears to be the breaking point of the headline-grabbing and vicious civil war within the Arizona Republican Party. It’s a battle royale that has the Washington GOP establishment and Congresswoman McSally up against Arpaio, Ward, and conservative groups such as Club for GrowthFreedomWorks, and Great America Alliance who have opposed the congresswoman.

Further, the AZGOP civil war has exposed the complete inauthenticity of Congresswoman McSally. From dodging Trump events to even criticizing him last year, McSally’s senate campaign has forced her in an about-face to Arizonans, racing for attention of AZGOP primary voters.