AZ Dems Respond to Jan Brewer’s Comments Belittling the AZ Latino Vote

Statement for Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron:

“Jan Brewer’s comments are not like her typical gaffes. These comments are telling. Undermining the value and contributions of Arizona’s Latino community by diminishing their voice in our political process is an embarrassment to the history and culture of our great state.

“This is just another example and reflection of the demeaning and xenophobic rhetoric that has been embraced by Donald Trump and enabled by so-called GOP leaders like John McCain, Joe Arpaio and Jan Brewer to divide us over the course of this campaign.

“I’m a proud Latina, that votes! And my community and all under-served and unrepresented communities all across Arizona deserve better than this. All Arizona families deserve better than this.

"Over the course of the next 18 days, I call on Arizona’s Latino community to send a loud message by getting out to vote – and by voting early!  Let’s show Jan and Joe and John and Don how powerful we can be and how we will set a new course for Arizona for generations to come!"