AZ GOP Chair blasts “30-year career politician” McCain for dumping Trump

Arizona Republican Party chairman Robert Graham let loose on John McCain for trying to take back his support for Donald Trump. Graham defended Trump by taking a not-so-subtle swipe at McCain, saying Trump “is not a 30-year career politician.”


3TV ANCHOR: “Arizona Republican Party chairman Robert Graham rejects Trump’s lewd comments but says he’s standing by him. Graham recently slammed party leaders for pulling their support for the Republican nominee.”

GRAHAM: “This guy [Trump] is not a 30-year career politician. This is a guy that’s come out of the reality world -- reality TV. He’s been in a very tough industry in New York building and development and he’s kind of a reality shock jock.”

Support for McCain continues to crumble away on both sides of the political spectrum, as Graham’s broadside comes only days after former top McCain advisor Steve Schmidt told “Meet the Press” that Republicans like McCain, who refused to disavow Trump for more than a year, “have repeatedly put their party ahead of their country,” and only a day later Ann Kirkpatrick forced McCain to admit that he dangerously supported giving Donald Trump control of our nuclear weapons -- while it is clear Trump is unqualified and dangerous.

“In a desperate attempt to save his own political career, John McCain has proven that he will do anything to get elected, including recklessly supporting  the most dangerous nominee for president we’ve seen” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “McCain still must answer why he ever supported Trump and put Arizona and our nation at risk. His feigned attempt at a principled stand remains hollow while he continues to work with the Arizona Republican Party to elect both candidates.”

But the latest infighting among both Arizona and Republican primaries is only political karma for McCain, who recently noted that “politics is a very rough business.”