Congresswoman McSally Still Won’t Say if She Voted for Trump in 2016

PHOENIX – Congresswoman Martha McSally is being inauthentic with herself, Arizonans, and now the entire country as she continues her senate campaign. In an interview with The New York Times last week, McSally completely reversed her previous positions on President Trump.

But now, Congresswoman McSally is neck-deep in a vicious AZGOP civil war primary between Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio. McSally has transformed to the extent that she is unrecognizable to Arizonans, with some even asking “Who is the real Martha McSally?”

The Arizona Democratic Party has the receipts. Following its fact check on Congresswoman McSally’s consistent bond to the Washington GOP establishment, the ADP decided to fact check McSally’s interview with the New York Times. Take a look below at how inauthentic Congresswoman McSally is with Arizonans. 


McSally Now (2018)

McSally Then (2016)


Is [Trump] a good man? “I think he has done a lot of amazing things in his life.”



McSally Said She Had Concerns About “Statements Mr. Trump Has Made Regarding Women.” “U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., who represents a swing district in southern Arizona and could face a tough Democratic challenger this fall, also hesitated in endorsing Trump. But like Flake, she said she will consider Trump over the next six months ‘We're in uncharted waters with two presumptive nominees who are viewed unfavorably by the majority of Americans," McSally said in a written statement. "More specifically I have concerns about statements Mr. Trump has made regarding women, but I also respect the will of the voters.’” [Arizona Republic, 5/29/16]



Is [Trump] a role model? “I think he is, yeah. I mean, look, everybody has got their strengths and weaknesses.”



McSally On Trump: “That’s Just Not How Leaders Carry Themselves.” “McSally added that she had “voiced several concerns about how (Trump) chooses to speak, the way he’s spoken about veterans and Hispanics and women and others. That’s just not how leaders carry themselves.’” [Tucson Weekly, 7/25/16]



McSally’s thoughts on Mr. Trump’s affair with a porn star and $100,000 settlement? “Alleged this and alleged that.”



McSally Expressed Dismay At Trump’s Access Hollywood Comments, Said They Were “Disgusting.” “U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., expressed her dismay at the comments, but remained inscrutable on whether she plans to support him…On Friday night, McSally also distanced herself from Trump in a tweet. ‘Trump's comments are disgusting. Joking about sexual assault is unacceptable. I'm appalled,’ she wrote.” [Arizona Republic, 10/9/16]



Will McSally want to Campaign with Trump? “Sure, absolutely.”



September 2016: McSally Refused To Attend Trump Rally, Said “My Schedule Is Booked.” “Initially the speech by Donald Trump in Phoenix on Wednesday night was billed as an immigration policy speech, then a unity rally, then an illegal-immigration speech again. Whatever the case, U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, the Tucson Republican, was never going to attend. She told my colleague Joe Ferguson and me Wednesday morning, "My schedule is booked." McSally has never endorsed Trump and is not going to, it seems. She said she'll keep her vote secret.” [Stellar, Arizona Daily Star, 9/2/16]



McSally’s relationship with Trump? “I have a great relationship with the president — I talk to him like a fighter pilot.”



Headline: GOP Rep On Trump’s Tweets: ‘We’re Going To Hand The Gavel To Pelosi.’ [The Hill, 6/9/17] 

McSally still won't say whether she voted for Trump. ‘Not your business,’ she snapped in an interview after belting out ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ onstage at a Republican banquet Friday in Phoenix.” [Los Angeles Times, 1.30.18] 

McSally Claimed Trump Had Made Serving In Congress A Lot Harder, Said Of The Political Theater Since He Took Office “I Don’t Enjoy It…It Actually Drains Me.” “In her talk, McSally acknowledged that the job comes with a lot of frustration. She said serving in Congress had gotten a lot harder since Trump's election last year and that she's forced to "navigate in the political theater, but I don't breathe life into it and I don't enjoy it, just to be frank with you. It actually drains me.’” [Tucson Weekly, 6/8/17]