Conservative Groups Say McConnell Must Resign – What's Jeff Flake's Take?

A coalition of conservative groups – including one of Senator Flake’s biggest boosters – demanded this week that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his entire Republican leadership team either resign or retire. Groups including FreedomWorks, which has endorsed Flake in past elections, cited McConnell’s failure to repeal health care and follow through on other Republican promises.

So where does Jeff Flake stand in this debate? Flake has already received support from McConnell to fight off Kelli Ward - who has increasingly shown she'd be a tough primary challenge. Further, McConnell allies released an ad attacking Ward amid speculation the President would endorse her campaign.

“Simply put - where does Senator Flake stand? Will he agree with the conservative groups he needs to survive a primary or with the Majority Leader whose money he’s relied on again and again?” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Herschel Fink. “We already know that Flake will do whatever it takes to curry favor with the special interests backing him – from making it easier for his corporate donors to sell consumers’ personal online data to supporting a health care plan that would leave 511,000 additional Arizonans without insurance. It's why Arizonans want him out - because he's the part of the problem we see in Washington.”

Where do you stand, Jeff Flake? There's no room on the fence on this one.