Doug Ducey’s Very Rough 24 Hours in Arizona

Arizona Republic: “Why does Ducey keep trying to deny the situation is really bad?”


PHOENIX – It was a very rough 24 hours for Doug Ducey. A fact check proved Ducey was lying about meager pay for Arizona’s teachers and the media blasted him for his mismanagement and failing grade on improving the state’s education system.


Doug Ducey’s failing grade on education isn’t just bringing down Arizona, but it will be the issue that will lead Arizonans to #DitchDucey this November.


12 News: Ducey Makes Unverified, False Claims About Teacher Pay in Arizona


“[Ducey] says Arizona's teachers are in the middle of the pack, but his information may be misleading.” […]


“…Gov. Doug Ducey made two comments that 12 News verified are unsupported or simply false.”


Arizona Republic: Is Gov. Doug Ducey in denial about low teacher pay? Or is it worse than that?


“Is Gov. Doug Ducey in denial over poor teacher pay in Arizona?


Or is it worse than that?


Is he more worried about himself and his career than he is of your children?


After all, the news is out there. Arizona teachers are the poorest paid educators in the nation.” […]


“Why does Ducey keep trying to deny the situation is really bad?


He was exposed by 12News reporter Joe Dana recently for equivocating, distorting and pretty much misrepresenting the financial situation of Arizona teachers.” […]


“I understand why Ducey would like to believe teachers are doing great.


He’s up for reelection.” […]


“The governor wants parents to believe that the professional educators teaching their children are well compensated and fully committed to their work. But that is a difficult thing for teachers to do when they are having trouble making ends meet. When they’re overcome with concern for taking care of their own families.” […]


“A governor who tries to soft soap that situation, or outright deny it, should have voters seeing red.”