Ducey can’t shed ‘Anti-Education Governor’ label, even with his cherry-picked stats

AZ Fact Check: “Mostly False” that Arizona put more money in K-12 education than other states.

PHOENIX - The next time Arizonans hear Governor Doug Ducey say he’s put in more money into K-12 education than other states, they can simply say ‘baloney.’ This according to AZ Fact Check who has classified Governor Doug Ducey’s claims to be ‘Mostly False.’

Since last year, Governor Doug Ducey has been distorting cherry-picked statistics - from claiming teachers received $10,000 raises, to now saying Arizona has put more money into K-12 education than other states.

Truth is, under Governor Doug Ducey’s administration, Arizona continues to rank in the bottom ten when it comes to education and it’s not getting any better.

AZ Fact Check Highlights:

  • Arizona’s education funding still below 2008 levels -  “Although the state has put money into K-12 education since 2015, it hasn’t fully restored what was cut during the recession.”

  • Ducey leaves out 40 states when talking up Arizona’s education funding - “The Governor Office’s methodology only compares Arizona to nine states, leaving out 40 others. Some might interpret "more money" to mean that the actual dollar amount increased, and states like Florida increased K-12 spending by more than $1 billion and Ohio increased K-12 spending by almost $800 million.”

  • Arizona is investing less per student - “Technically, Arizona can claim a higher percentage increase, but they are still funding K-12 less than Kentucky (per student) …While Kentucky spent approximately $677 million over the past three years, Arizona spent about $732 million on education — but Wells noted that Kentucky has a significantly smaller population than Arizona.”