Ducey Fails GOP Governors Leadership Lesson

While in Rhode Island attending the National Governors Association summer meeting, Governor Doug Ducey finds himself getting some lessons in leadership from Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval and Ohio’s Governor John Kasich.

“I’m greatly concerned and very protective of the expansion population,” said Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. “They’re living healthier and happier lives as a result of their receiving coverage. And for them to lose that, at this point, would be very hurtful for them. It’s about people.” [CNN]

“This Senate plan is still unaccpetable,” said Ohio Governor John Kasich. “Its cuts to Medicaid are too deep and at the same time it fails to give states the ability to innovate in order to cope with those reactions.” [Twitter]

Both Republican Governors have been extremely vocal in opposition to the Trump/McConnell Senate bill. Why? Like Arizona, Nevada and Ohio are Medicaid Expansion states, they provided additional health coverage to about 200,000 Nevadans and 725,000 Ohioans, and now that’s at risk.

So what about the 400,000+ Arizonans on Medicaid who are on the verge of losing their health coverage if this law passes?

Doug Ducey has been fairly quiet, (crickets) if you ask the Arizona Republic. Since the Senate unveiled their version of Trumpcare, Ducey has hid behind a letter his staff wrote, and that brings little comfort or protection to those he represents.

“Unfortunately for Governor Ducey and Arizonans, the more and more Republican Governors speak, the weaker Ducey’s leadership looks,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “Sandoval and Kasich are out in public fighting for 200,000 Nevadans and 725,000 Ohioans respectfully, and Doug Ducey can’t do the same for 400,000 Arizonans. This is not the leadership Arizonans deserve, either fight hard or just step aside.”