Event host admits McCain’s women event was a sham

Jordan Rose, who recently hosted a campaign event for John McCain, accidentally exposed the event for what it really was: a desperate attempt to pander as McCain’s campaign flails from the blowback of his decision to endorse Donald Trump more than 60 times.

During an interview with a local news outlet, Rose explained to the reporter that McCain’s event was “really focused on business,” for which, she claims, McCain has been a “champion” -- but McCain has certainly not been a champion for women. Arizona media was already skeptical of the timing of McCain’s hastily launched “women’s coalition,” which may be why McCain slipped out the side door to dodge their questions.


REPORTER: "So was this event planned before sort of all of this [Trump comments] got in the news?"

ROSE: "Yes."

REPORTER: "Ok. Got it. So it has -- really just kind of timing coincidentally --"

ROSE: "Yeah, this event is really focused on business and the idea that Senator McCain has been a champion for businesses and for getting regulation out of our way so that we can conduct business."

REPORTER: "And so... Women in particular in business, I guess?

ROSE: "I believe so."

REPORTER: "Yeah. Ok. Got it."

“John McCain’s campaign is flailing after Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters repudiate McCain’s more than 60 endorsements of Donald Trump and his willingness to say or do anything to hold on to power,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “While McCain tried to stand with women for one morning, he stood with Trump for well over a year -- and now we learn his event was a sham. Arizonans are tired of John McCain’s relentless pandering and they know that the only one standing up and fighting for Arizona women is Ann Kirkpatrick.”  

This new report comes only one day after McCain’s own state Republican party chairman slammed him for trying to reverse course on Donald Trump and less than a week after his former top advisor Steve Schmidt called McCain and other Republicans out for repeatedly putting “their party ahead of their country” by backing Trump in the first place.