#FBF: Flake votes against $50B Hurricane Katrina relief funding

As Congress returns next week from their month-long paid vacation, vulnerable Senator Jeff Flake will have an important decision to make - will he or won’t he vote to provide relief for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey?

Americans are coming together to provide donations, supplies, and assistance to Texans after Hurricane Harvey, but Jeff Flake has been known to play politics with previous natural disaster relief efforts. With Trump set to ask Congress for $5.95 billion, it’s fair to ask, what will Jeff Flake do?

It’s also worth pointing out that Jeff Flake voted to deny New Jersey and New York $50 billion in funding relief after these states were severely hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. So at least he’s consistently bad at denying help to those Americans in need.


Flake votes against $50B Hurricane Katrina relief funding Phoenix Business Journal | September 9, 2005

East Valley Congressman Jeff Flake was one of only a few congressional members to vote against additional Hurricane Katrina relief and reconstruction funds on Thursday.

Flake was the only Arizonan and one of only 11 votes against a $50 billion Katrina reconstruction outlay by the federal government.

The rest of the state congressional delegation voted for the package, including GOP Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl.