ICYMI: McSally Backs the GOP Tax Plan to Raise Arizonans' Taxes


PHOENIX – Martha McSally has spent the entire fall season giving full-throated support to Mitch McConnell’s GOP tax plans that would only do one thing – harm hardworking Arizonans.

McSally’s support includes a Senate tax plan that would rip away health insurance and raise taxes on more than one million Arizonans and voting for a House tax plan that would eliminate crucial tax deductions for Arizona households while leading to cuts in funding for state programs like Arizona’s struggling education system. Both tax plans explode the national deficit by more than one trillion dollars.

“Congresswoman Martha McSally’s tax plan is one step closer to becoming a law that will hand out deals to Washington insiders while being an utter disaster for Arizonans. McSally supports a plan that raises taxes and rips health insurance away from hardworking Arizonans – all while exploding the national deficit,” said Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor. “With the future of our state and our children at stake, Martha McSally is perpetuating the partisan discord that has Arizonans fed up with Washington.”

McSally has done all this while consistently dodging Arizonans about her possible U.S. Senate race. In fact, as recent as last night, McSally has repeatedly refused to address questions to Arizona media, instead opting for interviews with only friendly reporters in WashingtonD.C.

There’s no doubt that Martha McSally is trying to have it both ways. However, by fully backing Mitch McConnell’s destructive GOP tax plan, McSally is supporting a partisan discord that has Arizonans fed up with Washington.


Senate GOP Tax Plan

·         Center for American ProgressMore than one million Arizonans would see a tax increase under GOP tax plan.

·         Washington PostMore than 13 million Americans, including many Arizonans, would lose health insurance under the GOP tax plan.

House GOP Tax Plan

·         NAR ResearchArizona homeowners could on average lose about $20,590.

·         Center for American ProgressArizona families would lose ability to write off expensive medical costs that total $2.2 billion annually.

·         National Education AssociationArizona would lose about $2.5 billion in funding – putting more than 3,000 jobs on the chopping block.

·         Center for American ProgressArizona students could lose ability to write off expensive student loans, totaling about $223 million annually. 


·         KGUN: “She did not address the speculation that she would run for Senator Jeff Flake’s senate seat.”

·         Tweet by Joe Ferguson: “Despite assurances from staff, @RepMcSally will not be answering questions from the audience or constituents in the audience. But she is available for photos.#AZ02”

·         Arizona Daily Star: McSally won't discuss Senate plans”

·         Associated PressArizona Rep. McSally Dodges Press on Possible Senate Run

·         Arizona Republic: “Congresswoman Martha McSally sidestepped questions about her political aspirations on Friday…”