The man who stands in the way of Equal Pay

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron issued the following statement on Equal Pay Day condemning Jeff Flake’s terrible voting record on equal pay for equal work:

“Basta! Hard-working Arizona women deserve to earn the same pay for the same work men do.

“Not sure if it’s male chauvinism slipping through on the bills in front of him, but Jeff Flake’s voting record on equal pay for women is telling.

“We’ve come along way since the time women made just 59 cents to the dollar, but here in Arizona, we still have a 17% pay gap that needs to be closed. Not to mention the struggle of minority women often getting the short end of the stick, as Black women make just 66 cents for every dollar, and Hispanic women only making 60 cents for every dollar a man makes.

“This is why the Arizona Democratic Party and its elected officials remain committed to continue to fight for pay fairness and hold those in power here at home and in Washington accountable, and we won’t stop until we close this pay gap once and for all.”


Jeff Flake Has Voted 9 Times Against Equal Pay For Equal Work. [Vote 768, 7/31/07; Vote 556, 7/31/08; Vote 8, 1/9/09; Vote 9, 1/9/09; Vote37, 1/27/09; Vote 103, 4/9/14; Vote 260, 9/10/14; Vote 262, 9/15/14; Vote 82, 3/24/15]