McCain walks out on questions about timing of Trump and ‘Women for McCain’ event

McCain ducks reporters when they try to ask about Trump

First John McCain wouldn’t answer questions about his support for Donald Trump, now he refuses to answer questions about the Republican nominee’s public meltdown in the wake of revelations that Trump bragged about sexual assault and his flailing campaign’s efforts to repair the damage done by McCain by supporting Trump for well over a year. McCain’s campaign is quickly losing support from all sides -- Republicans angry with his abandonment of Trump, and Democrats and independents who aren’t buying McCain’s move as anything more than another politically opportunistic, self-serving ploy.

McCain, who endorsed Trump more than 60 times, “slip[ped] out the side door” from his lone “women for McCain” event and refused to answer questions about why he allegedly “begged” Trump for his support in the primary or why he stuck by Trump more than a year as Trump insulted women, Gold Star families, veterans, immigrants, and countless other Americans.

From the Associated Press report:

McCain spoke to the women for about 10 minutes, delivering a standard stump speech that covered Arizona issues he promotes, his concern for the state of international affairs and criticism of President Barack Obama’s leadership.

He quickly left the event, declining to stop and answer questions from an Associated Press reporter about the timing of the women’s coalition’s creation.

From ABC 15:




ANCHOR: “Who do we see slip out of that side door during the event? Yeah, Senator John McCain.”

ANCHOR: “Our crew tried to catch up with him to get some comments about Trump. We do have a call into his office to try to get a comment from him.”

And while McCain literally ran away when reporters attempted to identify specific policy issues that led to his support for Trump, the Arizona GOP has doubled-down on their support for Trump.  

That leaves a key question for McCain: Will he prove his words aren’t hollow and sever his campaign’s ties to the Arizona GOP as they work to elect Trump, or will he continue to dodge questions?

“John McCain must answer to Arizona voters why he was willing to cling to Trump for more than year despite Trump’s racist and misogynistic campaign,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “What’s clear is that McCain has changed so much after 33 years in Washington that he will do anything and abandon any principle just to cling to his political career. Ann Kirkpatrick is the only candidate for US Senate that has displayed the courage to be consistent and transparent about her political views. Kirkpatrick will be the new, principled leader that Arizona has been looking for.”

Previously, McCain walked away from a woman who admitted she had voted for him but was upset with his political handling of Trump.