McConnell’s McSally Shares AZSen “Secret” With Everyone But Arizonans

Chris Herstam: “I think there's a serious question about whether McSally is ready for prime time”

PHOENIX – Mitch McConnell’s Martha McSally wants everyone to know about her U.S. Senate campaign – unless if you’re an Arizonan. Last week, McSally further instigated the AZGOP civil war by spilling the beans about her U.S. Senate campaign to Washington establishment friends and national media ahead of Arizonans. But when asked about her Senate campaign last Friday, McSally dodged the questions and refused to give Arizonans a straight answer.

It’s this botched rollout and defensive dodging that has some questioning whether or not Martha McSally is ready for prime time all together. Full coverage of McSally leaving Arizonans in the dark is below.

12 News: “HERSTAM: I think there's a serious question about whether McSally is ready for prime time yet. I mean this was sort of pathetic.”

Arizona Republic: “Congresswoman Martha McSally sidestepped questions about her political aspirations on Friday after a week of dropping hints that she plans to run for Arizona’s open Senate seat.” […]

“She was no more forthcoming after the event at sheet-metal manufacturer Anewco, darting away without taking questions from reporters.” […}

“If McSally's non-answer seemed to lack suspense, McSally had only herself to blame.” […]

“But a McSally Senate run hardly guarantees GOP successShe is trailing Ward in early polling since Flake’s retirement announcement...” […]

“McSally has battled low approval marks in her district, especially after she voted for the unpopular GOP health care bill in May.” […]

Visits by agency heads like McMahon are rare in Tucson and this one carried heavy political overtones for someone who may be looking to convince Republican primary voters that she is supportive of the Trump administration.”

Arizona Daily Star: McSally won't discuss Senate plans”

“Two-term U.S. Rep. Martha McSally was in Tucson on Friday to discuss the tax-cut proposal in the House, but refused to talk to the media about her plans for the Senate.” […]

“…McSally brushed off questions about her political future.” […]

“Friday marks the second day in a row that McSally made herself available to talk to the press, but sidestepped questions about running for the Senate.”

“On Thursday, McSally corrected Fox News host Neil Cavuto, saying her plan to run for Senate ‘is not announced yet.’”

Tweet by Joe Ferguson: Sorry Twitterverse, I was on FB live during the @RepMcSally and Linda McMahon presser.  As we were told, McSally refused to talk about her #AZSen plans, noting since it was official stop, she couldn’t talk politics. #AZ02

Associated PressArizona Rep. McSally Dodges Press on Possible Senate Run

Arizona Public MediaMcSally in Tucson Won't Comment on Senate Race

Tucson News Now“McSally also brushed off questions whether she will relinquish her Congressional seat to run for the US Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake, who is retiring.”