A Message from AZ Dem Party Chair Alexis Tameron

Last night's election changed a lot of things for both our country and our state.

We woke up to the reality that Donald Trump is President-elect, following a historically bad night for Democrats across the nation.

But in Arizona, we also scored a number of major wins that buck the national trend.

  • Democrats picked up seats in both the House and Senate, and we very well may take back the Senate once the counting is done
  • Democrat Paul Penzone defeated Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County
  • Democrats maintained our four congressional seats, electing Tom O'Halleran in Arizona's very competitive first district
  • Arizona voted yes on Prop 206, raising the minimum wage for working Arizonans

We were able to score those wins because of your work and support. 

We received more than 27,000 contributions to our party this year, allowing us to fund a larger ground game than we've ever had.

More than 9,000 of you volunteered in recent weeks to help us Get Out The Vote, knocking on 300,000 doors and making 1.8 million phone calls in the process.

I'm also very thankful to the numerous progressive groups throughout Arizona that registered record number of new voters.

We haven't turned Arizona blue yet, but when the returns are finally counted you'll see that we got damn close -- we may even get there by the time Arizona stops counting the remain 614,000 ballots.

I don't have a lot of encouraging news for you on the national front, but I will say this: last night made clear that what we're building in Arizona is going to be critical for Democrats in the future.

Moving forward, our party needs to move away from conventional tactics and embrace more asymmetrical and innovative approaches to building coalitions and communicating with voters. The standard electoral maps and political strategies need to change if we're going to get back to winning national elections.

We in Arizona outperformed numerous traditional "blue" states. And as our party regroups, Arizona has to be a major piece of our national electoral strategy going forward.

You laid the groundwork for that this year. And for that, I can't thank you enough.

We all need to take a few days to process last night. But soon, it'll be time to regroup.

We'll need you with us.


Alexis Tameron
State Chair
Arizona Democratic Party