Oh the Hypocrisy: AZGOP keeps bribe, fraud money

Statement from the Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez:


“As the old adage goes, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

“The Arizona Republican Party and its elected officials are responsible for establishing this culture of corruption in our highest levels of state government. Make no mistake, these individuals who’ve been indicted on bribery charges, are the very same power players that make sweetheart deals on behalf of big business to screw over the hard-working people of Arizona, all while filling up the coffers of the Republican Party and the current occupant of the 9th floor.

“But If the Republican Party has a moral compass, it’s time they return all this tainted money, cut their ties with those responsible for decaying our very government, but we doubt they will do so, because they thrive on the stench of corruption.”

"We hope next time ‘they’re in this position, they take a minute to think about what this money represents.’