Party Committees

Committees of the ADP

The ADP Bylaws establish several standing and special committees. Additionally, the State Chair may establish special and ad hoc committees as needed. Below is a listing and brief description of the various committees, along with contact information for each.

Executive Board

The Executive Board acts on behalf of the State Committee between State Committee meetings. They assist the State Chair in developing policy and procedures for the ADP and its staff as well as performs other duties assigned by the State Chair. Information on the current members of the Executive Board are available here

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee approves the ADP budget and any amendments to that budget. They approve certain contracts extending beyond the Chair's term, acts as the final board of arbitrators for state committeepersons seeking reinstatement after removal and perform other duties as assigned by the State Chair. The Executive Committee is made up of the Executive Board, plus the following individuals: (a) County Chairperson from each county; (b) First and Second County Vice-Chairpersons from each county; (c) three (3) Members-at-Large from each Congressional District appointed by the State Chair; (d) the Young Democrats of Arizona President (or his/her representative); (e) the Arizona Federation of Democratic Women's Clubs President (or her representative); and (f) the Sergeant-at-Arms (nonvoting member). 

Council of County Chairs Committee

The Council of County Chairs serves as a support group for training and working with County Chairs to assist in finance, media relations, and other administrative skills and also serves as an adjunct to the State Chair to facilitate the aims and goals of the ADP. 

Mary Darling, Chair
Phone: (520) 223-9170 (organization) (520) 223-7140 (cell)



Standing & Special Committees

Affirmative Action Committee

The Affirmative Action Committee works to ensure that there is no discrimination in representation in the State Committee and to bring underrepresented groups into the Party organization as Precinct Committeepersons and State Committeepersons. 
Chair: To be elected by state committee on September 23, 2017 

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee works to keep the ADP Bylaws consistent with the aims and policies of the ADP, assists in resolving questions about the bylaws, and evaluates recommended changes to the bylaws. 
Doug Ballard, Chair
Phone: (480)993-8841

Communications Committee

Randy Keating, Chair


Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee approve the credentials of all State or Executive Committee members at meetings of these committees and oversees all vote counting at such meetings.

Election Integrity Committee

The Election Integrity Committee represents the ADP in all efforts to assure the integrity of the election process.
Randall Holmes, Chair

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works to raise funds for the ADP. 
Bill Roe, Chair
Phone: (520)250-4906

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee evaluates all resolutions proposed to the State Committee in accordance with ADP Bylaws, and establishes the procedures for proposition and consideration of resolutions. See Resolutions Committee Revised Guidelines, passed January 26, 2008 for the procedures currently in force. 
Pat Burns, Chair
Phone: (520) 631- 0670