Rand Paul’s Ward Endorsement Adds to the Chaotic Nightmare of the AZGOP Civil War

PHOENIX – Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor for the Arizona Democratic Party, released the following statement after U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky formally endorsed Kelli Ward and her campaign for U.S. Senate. This endorsement of Ward, the most reckless and toxic Republican candidate, adds fuel to the fire of what is a deep civil war within the Arizona Republican Primary.

“Rand Paul’s endorsement of Kelli Ward piles onto the chaotic nightmare within the Arizona Republican Party's civil war. As this AZGOP divide grows, they now have a leading candidate who wants to take away healthcare from Arizonans, raise taxes for middle-class families, and promote an ideology that is out-of-touch for the state. Ward represents the extreme partisan discord that has Arizonans fed up with Washington, and she has no place in the United States Senate."