Rep. McSally Caves to Party Bosses, Won’t Stand Up to Them Even to Bring Up Her Own Immigration Bill

PHOENIX – Congresswoman Martha McSally is once again proving she is all talk and no action. Even as her Republican colleagues move  to force their party leaders to keep their word to Americans and address immigration and border security, including her own bill, Rep. McSally caved to the Party Bosses and refused to back the measure, known as a “discharge petition.”


“Keeping up with Congresswoman McSally’s shape-shifting is exhausting but today’s lack of action sheds some light on the matter,” said Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor. “Arizonans are quickly learning where her loyalties lie - in Washington with her Party Bosses.”


Rep. McSally’s inaction shows that she will say or do anything in Arizona just to get elected, but when there’s a chance to solve a problem she’s nowhere to be found, unless of course she gets permission from her Washington DC bosses.