Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Voter Protection Director Spencer Scharff on Maricopa County's Failure to Verify Signatures

Today, Spencer Scharff, the Voter Protection Director of the Arizona Democratic Party released the following statement in response to Maricopa County's decision to not adhere to the requisite procedure for verifying signatures on early-ballot affidavits that were timely received.  According to the State of Arizona Elections Procedures Manual, the County Recorder “shall make a reasonable and meaningful attempt to contact the early voter” if the County Recorder is not satisfied by the signature on the ballot, without exception:

"We strongly urge officials in Maricopa County to implement their full verification process to all early ballots, including those received on Election Day, to ensure all voters in this election who participated will have their voices heard. It is incumbent upon officials to make a meaningful attempt to contact all early voters whose ballots were timely received, instead of simply rejecting their ballots.  That is undemocratic.  This impacts thousands of voters who span all parties and parts of the County and deserve to be counted."