#TBT: McSally in 2012: The National Deficit Is “Number One Concern”

#TBT: McSally in 2012: The National Deficit Is “Number One Concern”

McSally voted for a House GOP tax plan that would explode the national deficit by $1.5 trillion 

PHOENIX – Martha McSally once claimed that addressing national deficit was her “number one concern" - when she was campaigning for Arizonans' votes.

But it appears Martha McSally's concerns disappeared once she got to Washington, because she just voted in support of Mitch McConnell’s GOP tax plans that would explode the national deficit by more than one trillion dollars (as well as raise taxes on Arizona families). It would seem McSally's sole focus now is adding to the partisan discord that has Arizonans fed up with Washington – even if it means flip-flopping on campaign promises. 

SHOT: In 2012, The National Deficit Was Martha Mcsally’s “Number One Concern”

2012: McSally Campaigned On Deficit Reduction.  “Her [McSally] own political positions are not so easily categorized. She says her priorities are deficit reduction, economic growth, immigration and tax code reform, and protecting the border, 85 miles of which form the southern edge of her district.” [The Washington Post, 10/25/12]

McSally Said Dealing With Debt And Deficit Spending Was Her “Number One Concern.” [Buckmaster]: “How about debt for this country?” [McSally]: “Debt is my number one concern. We cannot continue to spend more than we bring in. It's a national security issue. It's a national prestige issue. Our future depends upon reeling in this debt, and so we have got to ensure that we stop spending more than we bring in, and we have got to not hand the next generations the incredible debt that we're seeing going on in Europe right now.” [Buckmaster Show, Interview With Martha McSally, 2/16/12] (VIDEO)

2012: McSally Was Committed To Reducing Spending And Debt. “McSally is committed to reducing our spending and debt. ‘If we don’t rein in spending now and reduce our deficit, we risk the retirements of so many senior citizens who have worked and saved their entire lives, and the future of every generation to come.’” [Western Free Press, 11/2/12]

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