On Trump, Joe Arpaio “Was with Him in the Beginning” While Congresswoman McSally Said It's “Not Your Business”

PHOENIX –Joe Arpaio yesterday bragged to Arizonans about his unwavering support of President Trump. In fact, Arpaio told the audience that “his approval rating could go down to 1 percent, and I’ll still support him.”

Arpaio’s steadfast support for the president is different than his opponents – especially Congresswoman Martha McSally who up until her senate campaign openly criticized President Trump. McSally still has yet to disclose whether or not she even voted for the president in 2016, telling Arizonans it’s “not your business.”

As this AZGOP civil war rages on, it’s Joe Arpaio who looks like the ultimate President Trump loyalist. Congresswoman McSally? She’s a bandwagon fan.

SHOT: Arpaio Claims He Won’t Ever Leave President Trump’s Side

“’I was with him in the beginning and I’ll be with him until the end,’ Arpaio tells the audience about Trump. ‘His approval rating could go down to 1 percent and I’ll still support him.’  #AZSen” [Tweet by Joe Ferguson, 2.7.18]

CHASER: Congresswoman McSally Complicated History

During the Trump Presidency

McSally still won't say whether she voted for Trump. ‘Not your business,’ she snapped in an interview after belting out ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ onstage at a Republican banquet Friday in Phoenix.” [Los Angeles Times, 1.30.18]

Headline: GOP Rep On Trump’s Tweets: ‘We’re Going To Hand The Gavel To Pelosi.’ [The Hill, 6/9/17]

McSally Claimed Trump Had Made Serving In Congress A Lot Harder, Said Of The Political Theater Since He Took Office “I Don’t Enjoy It…It Actually Drains Me.” “In her talk, McSally acknowledged that the job comes with a lot of frustration. She said serving in Congress had gotten a lot harder since Trump's election last year and that she's forced to "navigate in the political theater, but I don't breathe life into it and I don't enjoy it, just to be frank with you. It actually drains me.’” [Tucson Weekly, 6/8/17]

McSally Said She Was Not Sold On Trump’s Border Wall. “McSally also made it clear she wasn't sold on Trump's plan to build a border wall. ‘Not a continuous, 2,000-mile border wall, no,’ she said, adding that enhanced technology and, in some places, more barriers may be necessary.” [CNN, 2/23/17]

McSally Criticized Trump On Muslim Ban. “McSally criticized Trump last year for advocating a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S. And last month she said Trump's statements about women concerned her.” [Arizona Republic, 6/5/16]

McSally “Utterly Disagreed” With Trump’s Comments On NATO. “She told the Range last week that she ‘utterly disagreed’ with Trump’s recent comments in an interview with the New York Times that the United States might not come to the aid of NATO allies if they hadn’t fulfilled their financial obligations to the alliance.” [Tucson Weekly, 7/25/16]

Before the Trump Presidency

September 2016: McSally Refused To Attend Trump Rally, Said “My Schedule Is Booked.” “Initially the speech by Donald Trump in Phoenix on Wednesday night was billed as an immigration policy speech, then a unity rally, then an illegal-immigration speech again. Whatever the case, U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, the Tucson Republican, was never going to attend. She told my colleague Joe Ferguson and me Wednesday morning, "My schedule is booked." McSally has never endorsed Trump and is not going to, it seems. She said she'll keep her vote secret.” [Stellar, Arizona Daily Star, 9/2/16]

McSally On Trump: “That’s Just Not How Leaders Carry Themselves.” “McSally added that she had “voiced several concerns about how (Trump) chooses to speak, the way he’s spoken about veterans and Hispanics and women and others. That’s just not how leaders carry themselves. But I don’t think people should dismiss what he is hearing from people about the level of frustration about lack of opportunity and concerns about safety and security. How you deal with that, what you think the solution is—hopefully we can get to where that’s a battle of ideas of public policy solutions for complex problems as opposed to a WWF tournament.’” [Tucson Weekly, 7/25/16]

McSally Expressed Dismay At Trump’s Access Hollywood Comments, Said They Were “Disgusting.” “U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., expressed her dismay at the comments, but remained inscrutable on whether she plans to support him…On Friday night, McSally also distanced herself from Trump in a tweet. ‘Trump's comments are disgusting. Joking about sexual assault is unacceptable. I'm appalled,’ she wrote.” [Arizona Republic, 10/9/16]

McSally Condemned Trump’s Criticism Of Veterans And Their Families, Refused To Say If She Supported Him. “U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., condemned criticism of veterans and their families, but in a statement didn't outline her own view of Trump. ‘Our fallen heroes, and their families, deserve nothing but our highest respect,’ McSally said. ‘This is not a gray area, and there is no justification ever for attacking the family of someone who gave his or her life for this country." [Arizona Republic, 8/2/16]

McSally Said She Had Concerns About “Statements Mr. Trump Has Made Regarding Women.” “U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., who represents a swing district in southern Arizona and could face a tough Democratic challenger this fall, also hesitated in endorsing Trump. But like Flake, she said she will consider Trump over the next six months ‘We're in uncharted waters with two presumptive nominees who are viewed unfavorably by the majority of Americans," McSally said in a written statement. "More specifically I have concerns about statements Mr. Trump has made regarding women, but I also respect the will of the voters.’” [Arizona Republic, 5/29/16]