Worst of the Week: Ducey, Reagan, McSally, and McCain

Aside from Donald Trump’s possible obstruction of justice investigation, no one had a worst week in politics than this batch of Arizona Republican officials:

Doug Ducey’s best friend gets indicted.

Jim Norton, lobbyist, campaign bundler, and of course Doug Ducey’s best friend, pleaded not guilty on bribery charges. Norton is accused of being a go-between for an influence-peddling scheme involving Johnson Utilities owner George Johnson and former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce. We all know Doug Ducey is the “Prince of Dark Money,” but having Jim Norton on the sidelines as he kicks off his 2018 reelection campaign is a definite blow to his campaign coffers. 

Arizona Capitol Times: Ex-regulator, lobbyist, utility owner arraigned in federal bribery case

Michele Reagan’s office continues path of incompetence.

Well in political terms, Michele Reagan is damaged goods. She’s the most vulnerable state elected official, so much so even Republicans are lining up to kick her out. In another example of complete incompetence coming out of the Secretary of State’s office, this week we find out that the online system for collecting signatures, E-Qual, not only missed the January 1st deadline, it won’t be ready until June 30 -- just another thing Team Reagan can’t pull off.

Arizona Republic: Delays plague candidates' online system with Arizona secretary of state

Martha McSally sees her demise in 2018. 

Even though she’s on a first name basis with the Donald, McSally is blaming the current GOP Leader for her plummeting numbers. McSally, member of the infamous Tuesday Group, says the President is dragging her down, and her constituents, well they’re also to blame for her demise saying,“Like they just can't see straight. And all of a sudden on January 20, I'm like his twin sister to them.” Poor Martha! 

Tucson Weekly: The Skinny- Behind Closed Doors: A secret recording shows U.S. Rep. McSally has some concerns about reelection

John McCain stays way past his bedtime.

We are deeply concerned over John McCain’s late night tendencies, as is the whole country. In an embarrassing episode in front of the entire world, John McCain forgot Hillary Clinton, although she won the popular vote, is not the President of the United States. Yet he chose to bring her up while the Senate Intelligence Committee dealt with the Comey/Trump meeting. John McCain knows better. He's stronger when he puts country first, instead of stumbling trying to sell the GOP talking points.

New York Times: What Was Behind Those Befuddling McCain Questions?

Dishonorable Mention: Biggs, Franks, Gosar, and Schweikert stick it to Arizonans, give banks pre-Great Recession power.

How quickly they forget. The Arizona Republican congressional delegation hasn't learned from the Great Recession. President Obama and Democrats passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act to regulate the financial industry and protect America from a future financial crisis. Republicans voted to repeal that law in order to benefit big banks and the richest Americans.

Slate: House Republicans’ Vote to Gut Dodd-Frank Is the Wall Street Giveaway That Wall Street Doesn’t Need